Animation & Modeling

Carl K Gumpert, Inc. - Canadian Diamond Presentation (no sound) 1 Carl K Gumpert Web Banner (Animation)2 Carl K Gumpert Web Banner (Animation)3 Mark Silverstein Imagines - Hoiday E-Card (with sound)4 Israel 2000 TV Bumper5 JPL 3D (psch)ologram 'Spaceborne and Airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar'6 Cranbrook Institute of Science 3D (psch)ologram 'Water is Always Moving' (Gas | Water | Ice Triptych)7 Thane International 'LePresse' product demo8 m3d9 mitos10
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Joseph Alexander

Joseph Alexander is a Graphic and Web Designer with skills and experience in Marketing and E-Commerce. He draws on over a decade directing and producing marketing collateral and web content in both print and digital formats for brands of all kinds.

Graphic Design | Web Design | Marketing | E-Commerce | Brand Management | Art Direction | Photography | Photo Editing | Animation | HTML/ CSS